Baby's 1000 days

The first 1000 days of every human’s life is of utmost importance i.e. the time from life’s conception until two years ago as it establishes the base of their immune system, IQ level, memory, muscles & bone strength, mental & physical well being and also plays a deciding factor to live a disease free life.

40 weeks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a new chapter on its own in a woman's life and it's very important to have a healthy body as you will be giving birth to a new life.
The more we learn about the role of early nutrition, the better is the health of both the mother and the baby.
The 40 (or so) weeks of pregnancy are a magical time. Keeping a healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy, as well as before and after, is key for both baby and mother. A woman needs a good source of nutritious food as she has to feed herself and her baby. Post-pregnancy it's again important for a woman to eat healthy as she has to gain all the nutrients, energy lost while giving birth to a new one and make herself ready to become a super woman who does not only take care of herself but of her child, family and work.


The seeds of healthy physical and mental wellbeing have to be sowed in early childhood. Intake of too much junk food, sedentary lifestyle, extended period usage of electronic devices all together contribute to childhood lifestyle diseases like obesity, asthma, diabetes, depression, anxiety, skin allergies, anemia etc in 70% of the kids. As a parent and being a new mom myself, I totally feel just giving birth to a new life is not a big challenge as compared to giving them a healthy & disease free life is. It’s never too late to start the change. Good nutrition is critical during teenage years to support healthy growth and development. A healthy diet needs to meet the changing nutritional needs of a growing teen and importantly, helps prepare them for a lifetime of healthy eating behaviours.

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Sana Agarwal

Purple Cabbage is all about health through nutrition. It takes complete care of nutrition of pregnant woman (prenatal & postnatal) and children of all age group.

  • Holistic Nutrition Degree from AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates)

  • M.S. Clinical Trial, Bangalore, India

  • B-TECH (Biotechnology), Bangalore, India

  • 4 years of experience in the field of nutrition


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